ESC Flash Tutorial

How to Flash Atmel Based ESC's with SimonK Firmware

Specifically in this tutorial I will be using the Hobbyking flash tool to flash Hobbyking Blue Series ESC's. I highly recommend these ESC's. Perfect performance at a price no one can beat. Never had one fail.

The Atmel Atmega socket firmware flashing tool makes it easy to flash atmel based ESC's. A list of compatible HEX files and ESC's can be referenced here. The software required for ESC flashing is the kkMulticopter Flash Tool and can be downloaded here.
The settings in the screenshot above are what need to be set for the flashing process. Plugin the flash tool into the computer and it should automatically download and install the proper driver for the device. Open up the kkMulticopter Flash Tool and go through to make sure your settings match mine. Now peel off the shrink wrap on the ESC and look for the Atmel MCU on the PCB. It's the large chip in the center of the circuit. There will be a little circle in the corner of the chip, line up the corner of the flash tool with the red dot with the corner of the chip with the little circle and press the flash tool firmly onto the chip.

Atmel MCU

Flash Tool Placement
Now press the little green button with the person running in the center, continue hold the tool onto the ESC and let it go through the flashing process. If all went well, after about 5 seconds it will tell you that the flashing process was successful. Congrats, you now have a SimonK ESC!!

Author: Justin Britt
Photography: Justin Britt

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  1. Here is a way to make your own GO-ON-TOP Atmega flashing tool and flash ESC with arduino: